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Union Plus

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Sherry E. Grant

Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein, LLP       

Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Appeals Attorneys

As a benefit to members of UWUA 132, Workers’ Compensation Attorney Sherry E. Grant is available at your union office every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. to answer your questions and inform you of your rights should you get injured on the job.

Conference Call Available! Please Call Office for Details!



NLRB DISMISSES Chemical Union Charge Against UWUA Locals

Details please click on NLRB Decision>>


American Arbitration Association

2016 UWUA Local 132 Election Results: 

9 hour rest rule:

 A rest period is defined as the lapse of time occurring  between being released from duty at the job site or at the base location, plus any paid travel time, and the time of reporting back to work. Paid travel time is not considered as part of the rest period.   A rest period of nine or more continuous hours off the job is required between any period of time worked, as defined above, to avoid accumulation toward 12 cumulative or  continuous hours or to stop double-time pay after an employee is already in a double-time pay situation for extensive overtime.  Time taken for meals at the job site in conjunction with  work is considered working time. Ordinarily, mealtime is not considered working time; however, time is paid for meals eaten at the job site.

Page 51 CBA

Section 5.10 of the CBA

Pre-qualifying Examinations: An employee who is scheduled for a pre-qualifying examination is allowed up to sixteen hours per year with pay in connection with any examination arranged by the Company during the employee’s regular working hours or that requires that he or she be excused from work. The employee bears the cost of his or her own transportation to and from the location of the examination, and of any related personal expenses. Information regarding preparing for prequalification exams is available online via E-Bid.

 For those of you who need to take tests remember we get 16 hours a year .....

page 110 of the CBA.


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