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Members of UWUA Local 132.  On Friday, July 28, 2023, there was a bank robbery that occurred in the City of Brea.  Three suspects fled the scene by vehicle which led to a police pursuit ending in Anaheim near the Anaheim Base.  The three suspects bailed from the vehicle and fled on foot.  One suspect fled to the Anaheim Base and due to construction work at building G, the suspect was able to enter the building. 


Brea and Anaheim Police set up a perimeter, a command post, and called in the SWAT Team.  After careful assessment, plans were developed to safely remove employees from the building followed by a room by room sweep of the building in search of the suspect. 


All employees were safely removed from harm’s way.  Given the circumstances, I am happy to report that no member was injured.


Today, Anaheim Base held a Safety Stand-Down.  Members of company executives, safety leaders, corporate security, wellness, and mental health professionals were available to address the concerns of the employees.  Union representatives, Secretary-Treasurer Belinda Moreno, Regional Officer Surya Bachtar, and President Joe Moreno attended to ensure proper measures were being taken by the Company and to address any union related questions that may arise from emergency situations like this. 


Although onsite video footage confirms the suspect was on property and gained access to building G, the sweep of the building revealed no suspect, and no arrest was made. It is my understanding that the three suspects remain at large.


For any follow-up issues or concerns, please contact:

Regional Officer Surya Bachtar: 626-771-8503

Union Office: 909-305-9802

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