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Executive Officers

Joe J. Moreno
Belinda Moreno
Brian Alanis
Business Agent

Regional Officers



Cathy Jazlin

Inland Empire

Gino Hernandez

Metro Northwest

K. Joshua Fernberg

Call Centers

Javier A. Salas

Metro Southeast

Sandy Null

North Coastal

Mike Cormode

Orange Coast

Abraham Galaviz

Pacific Coast

Currently Vacant 

San Gabriel Valley

Ercan Ali

South Inland

Roger Avellanoza

San Joaquin Valley

Bill Gilbertson


Edith Moreno

Merle Bautista

Alexa Barraza

Shop Stewards

Shop Stewards and Chief Shop Stewards are an integral and indispensable part of the Local. They file grievances, aid in investigatories, and participate in various committees that help make decisions about the direction of the Local. The Union trains and updates all Shop Stewards so they can feel confident representing their fellow members. It is not an overstatement to say that the Local could not function without them. 

Any member in good standing may serve as a Shop Steward and we are always looking for members to participate in this capacity. If you are interested in serving as a Shop Steward, please reach out to your respective Regional Officer listed above and they can help you get the process started. 

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