Corhaven Group

The UWUA and its senior executives, while representing its members on the job, also understand that providing benefits and resources for the membership does not end with the workplace. As such, the UWUA 132 has asked Corhaven Group to be an objective resource for its members when it comes to personal finance and benefits.

If you have questions regarding:

  1. Retirement – Whether near or far away, will you have enough money and can you afford it?

  2. 401k – How much should you contribute, and do you know how to invest to achieve your goals?

  3. Do you know how to save and invest outside of traditional company plans to achieve financial independence?

  4. HR – Do you understand all the benefits available to you and how to take advantage of them? Are you getting the answers you need from the Gas Company?

Corhaven Group is a Registered Investment Adviser and fiduciary that focuses on asset management and financial planning. Simply stated, our job is to advise not sell. You can learn more about us and our performance by clicking the link below:



Workers' Compensation Attorneys

For nearly three decades, the Los Angeles law firm's Workers' Compensation attorneys have fought to obtain the full range of workers' compensation benefits for employees who have suffered workplace injuries. We understand the need to protect and enhance the quality of life for members of our communities and work tirelessly to maintain and advance the legal rights of those we represent.