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Previously, the Local would contract out the building of a generic website. With advancements in technology and fresh perspectives coming into leadership roles, the Local is building out a website based on new ideas and constructive feedback from the membership.

Image by Júnior Ferreira

2023:  We have been working diligently to lay out much of the framework for what is to come shortly.

Mobile App

A lot of members interact with their Local via their mobile device. The current software solutions being implemented by the Union allow for apps to be built with little to no coding. An application is almost ready to go live.

Shop Inputs

Through this website and its accompanying app, members will be able to directly communicate issues they want addressed at their respective Shop Committee.  


Through this website and its accompanying app, members who believe their rights have been violated will be able to request that their grievance be investigated by Local 132. An officer of the Union will contact you about visiting you to review documentation, gather testimony, and ascertain facts from the ground up. The Union is obligated and committed to properly investigating grievances.

Membership Login

We are working out the intricacies of allowing a member to login without diminishing their membership rights under Federal law and their right to privacy.

Downloads Section

We are finalizing an area where relevant files will be available for download. This will be launched once the Membership area is ready to go.


Already underway in 2023, we hope to have a Chatbot fully built out within the year. This chatbot should be able to answer some of the general questions that members may have and will help members learn more about the benefits provided to them by our Collective-Bargaining Agreement.

Real Time Collaboration

Contract negotiations take place in 2024 and we have been mobilizing the membership. The changes we have begun will allow the membership to grow strong through our collective knowledge. Those officers that continue to demonstrate a high-level of interest in the mission of the labor movement will be allowed to collaborate in real time with every officer of the Local.

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