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Local 132 Committees

Your Local has several committees that each focus on a different area. They are led by fellow members and engage in various activities to help strengthen the members they represent, which in turn strengthens the Union as a whole.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please reach out to your Regional Officer!

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Shop Committees

Representing our members at all levels

Shop Committees serve as a liaison between the Union and local management, ensuring that members' voices are heard and their concerns are addressed in a fair and equitable manner. Each region has its own Shop Committee led by its respective Regional Officer, as well as representatives from the other Unions and Locals representing members in that Region. 

Veterans Committee

Serving those that have served our Nation

The Veterans Committee advocates and promotes policies and opportunities that support our members who have served in the Armed Forces. 

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Women's Caucus

Empowering women, strengthening our Union

The Women's Caucus is a women-led group that advocates for gender equality in the workplace, and strives to advance the rights and interests of women. 

Safety Committee

In the collective interest of all

The Safety Committee focuses on promoting members' safety on and off the job through open discussion, problem-solving, safety presentations, and member advocacy. 

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Human Rights Committee

Dignity in the workplace is a human right

The Local's Human Rights Committee is here to monitor, promote, and work to protect the rights of our members and their communities, particularly where these intersect with their roles in the workplace. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of nationality, gender-identity, race, creed, age, abilities or religion. Worker's rights are human rights. 

Young Workers Committee

Equipping the next generation

The Young Worker's Committee is comprised of members 35 years and under who come together to to represent the interests and concerns of young members through advocacy, networking, education, and social events. 

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